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Last updated: Aug. 15, 2009
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10 Things To Try Today: Ten-ish New-ish Tech-ish Things You Can Try Right Away
  1. Get connected: Social networking sites ("MySpace for Professionals") | (tips for journalists) | Twitter (my tips for newbies and skeptics:
  2. Better Browsing: (PC & Mac get add-ons) | Camino (for Mac power users) | Flock (social-web browser) | Chrome (PC only)
  3. Open source/free software:
    Sree's tips on free software options (almost every category, including
  4. Cloud computing: collaborative way to free Office: (documents, spreadsheets, presentations) | |
  5. Photoshop, Avid alternatives: Online photo and video editing | PhotoshopExpress |
  6. Citizen broadcasting: (Columbia examples | SAJA examples | SreeTips examples) | | |
  7. Non-citizen broadcasting: |
  8. A new kind of video camera: | (tips from Univ of Washington)
  9. Consumers take over: Getting an operator, finding out consumer info |
  10. Gizmos, please: Better electronics shopping
    Yahoo SmartSort |
  11. Your Money: Tools to take charge of your money | 25 Web 2.0 finance tools (Expensr, Mint, Wesabe) | PriceProtectr
  12.  Your Health: Tools to take charge of your health | WebMD's Symptom Checker
  13. Your Health: Walk a mile (or more) in my wife's shoes
  14. Keep better track of... everything: |
  15. RSS, please: Keep abreast of blogs and more:
    Sitara Nieves explains it all | Google Reader | MyYahoo
  16. Be a real estate voyeur:
    Zillow | Trulia
  17. Travel ideas:
    TripIt | Dopplr | Bookit | Kayak
  18. New cooking options:
    Cookin' With Google | RecipeZaar
  19. Find music you like:
    Pandora | Jango | GrooveShark |
  20. Must-read for technology ideas:
    Mashable | Lifehacker
  21. Just Log Off: Try reducing the e-mail addiction! > 10 Things To Try Today


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